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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pick a dog.. or horse

Anyone wanting to chose a breed of dog - or just wanting to amuse themselves for a bit - could look at this website


You can select a breed by length of hair, how much they bark, size etc, and then they recommend the breed for you. I spent a very amusing half hour chosing breeds yesterday. Though when I actually went to get a dog she was from the rescue and I would probably do that again. However it does give information about health problems for specific breeds, how much grooming they need etc which is useful even when geting a crossbreed because that is still relevant.

You may be able to do it for cats and other animals too. I worked very nicely as a displacement activity.

I placed my first ever bet yesterday.

Nic is working as an exercise rider for a local racehorse trainer, Evan Williams, and he has a horse in the Grand National on Saturday. I have never placed a real bet before, I've only partaken in office sweeps but I thought - try something new. So I signed up with an online bookie and placed a bet on State of Play (which is Evan's horse) which was 14-1 which was good odds. As it was my first ever time I got a free £1 bet on a football game. I know nothing about football, but went onto that part of the website, and saw that Wales are playing Germany tonight, so have bet on Wales to lose 3-0. Patriotic I may be but stupid I'm not, and football is not the Welsh game.

It will add a bit of excitement to the race on Saturday.

However as I will be in Pembrokeshire and we don't have a tv down there I will have to listen on the radio to find out if I win anything. I might even tape the race on the tv.

Oh the perils of gambling. I have place £10 for an each way bet, so I don't think it will have a huge effect win or lose.


Boo and Trev said...

I think I won't place a bet on it so the poor creature has a chance of winning! I see we're still not managing live links!

Helen said...

No, and I lost the email explaining it - can you send it again. My technical incompetence is getting embarrassing.

Boo and Trev said...

Well restrained not pointing out that I did a dud link on the family blog!