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Monday, April 20, 2009

Holiday thoughts

Well we are in our new/old premises and by the end of today I had finished unpacking and had done a lot of sorting of filing etc, though I am well aware that there will be lots of other things which will need to find new homes, or things we can't find at all. However we are in, we like it, and will settle ourselves down over the next few days.

The weather was glorious at the weekend and it has really put me into a holiday mood. We have a week booked in a cottage in Northumberland, near Alnwick for a week at the beginning of June. My nephew is getting married on 30 May in Saffron Walden, so we will have a great start to the holiday then.

We have never been to Northumberland, but it is said to be beautiful so we are really looking forward to it. I want to see Durham Cathedral, Alnwick Castle, Lindisfarne and Hadrian's wall, we want to go for walks in the National Park as well, so we are going to have to balance the urge to see everything with the need to relax.

I tend to save my holidays for the summer because Brian has his holidays in June and July, so we have the 2 weeks at the beginning of June and then another 2 weeks - separate from each other by a week back in work - which we will have in Pembrokeshire at Brian's cottage.

The reason for a split week in July is that I am a judge for the Dagger in the Library. The Crime Writers Association gives awards every year to the best book in a variety of categories eg historical crime etc, and one of the awards is the Dagger in the Library. The award is for an author who is nominated by library readers, and the judges are librarians, and the award dinner is on 15 July - one of the weeks I was due to be in Pembrokeshire, so I have moved that week to the week before because I really want to go to the award dinner.

Lets hope we get some sunshine this year.

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oreneta said...

Holidays are so lovely. Glad you are settling in again. Must be nice.