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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Moving at work (part 2)

We spent today packing up all the stuff in our temporary accomodation. The removal men arrived with 55 crates this morning and we have spent the whole day filling them up. Did you know 1 drawer of a filing cabinet fills one crate? Also 1 shelf of books on a standard library bookshelf is enough for 1 crate You can get more books in but then the removal men can't lift it/get a hernia because it is so heavy.

Tomorrow I am going to our temporary building first thing to tell them what is going where. We have put labels onto everything, but as we have things going to 4 separate buildings, plus things coming from other buildings, it is not as straightforward as picking it all up in one place and putting it all down in the other.

We have very fancy new phones too. They are IPC phones which means they work over the internet, and our pcs actually plug into the back of the phone. They have memories, and all sorts of fancy things which our previous phones which were something that Ma Bell would have recognised with little difficulty. it also means we can phone other part of the Council which is on the same network for free, which is good.

I am tired and grubby and a bit dismayed at the sheer quantity of crates which need to be unpacked tomorrow, because there are other crates coming from elsewhere too. I think a bit of serious chucking out of things which have not been used for the last 6 months will be in order.


oreneta said...

I LOVE chucking stuff out!!! LOVE it...and you totally inspired me, on Wednesday I picked up two geraniums and a pot of daisies...more to come. I hope I don't get inspired to buy wedding dresses though, they are a lot pricier. Where did the video of Adam's Birthday go? or is that over at the Carter Family? I'll go look.

Helen said...

Myfiles await me next week! Glad to hear you are brightening up the balcony. Yes, the video (v short) is on the Carter family blog.