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Monday, April 13, 2009

Wedding dresses

Here are some of the dresses Kate tried on at the weekend, I couldn't find pictures of all of them as some of them dont download, but it gives an idea of the differences in styles available. Though a couple of the front runners in style aren't here in the pics.

It was great fun, and Kate thinks she'l look at another couple of places before she narrows the style down.


oreneta said...

Ooo, some of those are LOVELY....I can see how it would be fun. I didn't know you could make a wedding dress! WOW.

Helen said...

I made mine and made Boo's and the bridesmaids dresses for both weddings too. It is so cheap to buy clothes now that I seldom make anything more complicated than curtains these days though. Having said that I saw a nice dress pattern the other day which I might buy and make for myself.