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Sunday, April 5, 2009

State of Play

Well, didn't he do well!

I have been in office sweeps and things on th Grand National before, but I would never have sat in the car listening to it for that which is what I did on Saturday. We were down in Pembrokeshire and there is no tv in the cottage, so I found Radio 5 Live (which took some doing as it is on AM and I had to sit in the car as the stereo in the house is too old) and listened to the commentary on the race from there.

It was really exciting, and State of Play came 4th so I actually doubled my money!

I never usually win, so I am extremely impressed.

I have a free £10 bet now because of placing the first one, so I will put that on another horse of Nic's sometime, though I don't expect to double my money again.

As for my football bet, which caused such hilarity to Kate and Carl - I wasn't that far out. I thought Wales would lose 3-0 to germany and they lost 2-0. Pretty close for someone with no interest in football I though.

I can see why people get hooked, though as someone who managed to get 6p in debt when playing cards for 10 matches to 1p I don't think I will be too tempted to bet the family income.


Boo and Trev said...

Imagine if you'd picked the winner! 1oo to 1!

Helen said...

God - yes!

oreneta said...

I even looked which was a first...what were the odds on Nic's horse? It is so complicated with the different betting options...

Yeah! They must be happy at the yard.

Helen said...

It was 14-1 on State of Play. I don't really understand betting odds, but it was nice to get money.

katemcnabb said...

Hee, mum have images of you down the bookies every saturday now ;)

I won too - put £6 each way on State of Play so I recouped my stake plus the tenner I wasted on betting on My Will (which I put on to win!) plus a bit more so I was happy. Was screaming so loud I'm sure State of Play could've heard me all the way from Aintree!