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Friday, April 3, 2009

Daughter on tv

The trianer Nic works for has a horse running in the Grand National on Saturday, and the local tv cameras went down to the stables to interview Evan and take some pictures of State of Play. We were just sitting chatting, not looking at the tv last night, when Nic said
'That's me'
and sure enough - there she was on the tv. It's the second time she has been on Wales Today. First time she was riding a horse up the gallops and across the yard, yesterday she was leading a horse across the yard and then got up onto it. The reason we are sure it was her is that she has a bright pink anorak, and none of the lads wear pink to ride out in. She's the only girl riding out, so whether they cameramen like the pink coat or what I don't know, but there she was again.

It makes a mother proud!

Actually when you look at the size of the horse she was mounting it would make me proud.

Fingers crossed that State of Play gets placed on Saturday. He has the hopes of Wales on his back, plus my £10.


oreneta said...

I'll have to go and look to see how your 10 pounds turned out!

katemcnabb said...

Ha ha the thought of you betting online at football is just hilarious!!! Carl and I found that v.funny :)

I also had a punt today - £10 to win on My Will (ridden by Ruby Walsh) and £5 each way on State of Play. I got back in just as the race was starting and right at the end my loyalty to my own money went right out the window as I jumped around the living room SCREAMING on State of Play!! However, he still did really well and I collected £27 so can't be bad :)


katemcnabb said...

Ooo also mum you have a typo in your About Me - it says writer (unpubished), you missed out an 'l' :) xxxx