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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Off to London

We use a self issue system in the libraries made by a company called Bibliotheca, and they are having a one day forum in London on Tuesday next week which I am going to attend.  This would usually mean getting up at 5am to catch the train, but instead I am getting an overnight stay in a hotel, which is very nice.

The reason being that we also use a system called Netloan which is used to manage pc bookings, lots of libraries use it.  However we have put Netloan onto the self issue kiosks, so that borrowers can book a pc themselves, and it is also tied into the printers, so that people can manage their own printing payments .  We are one of the few libraries using this at the moment, so they got in touch to ask if I would do a 10 minute presentation about it .  I agreed, and they said they would pay the train fare and for a hotel too after I asked.  All for just 10 minutes.

The slight problem that I know almost nothing about Netloan was fairly quickly solved by a crash course.

So, off to London I go.