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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring in Llandeloy

We went down to Brian's cottage in Pembrokeshire at the weekend, and it was a glorious springlike weekend. We went to St Davids on Saturday morning, pottered around two craft fairs and had a chat with the craftspeople there. Brian bought a pewter bookmark and I got a pewter brooch which will be a present for someone later on in the year. We went into the Art Gallery and had a look at the new art. The Welsh Arts Council run a 0% interest scheme for art purchases. If you buy something from a recognised gallery within Wales you can pay over a year at 0%, which brings something from too expensive to affordable. Brian has bought 3 things so far, and will have paid off the painting from last year by the summer, so has one other year before he retires when he can afford to buy something.

Then we went and had coffee.

The view at the top is the view from the top of Llandeloy looking towards St Davids.
Here are the sheep who found our photo taking fairly interesting. You can see the lamb asking what is going on.
And this is the front garden at the cottage. The rockery is definitely one of our triumphs, as it was made from the rubble and clay dug out from the footings of the cottage extension, so the soil is awful. We started with a couple of primroses, but they have gone mad and are covering all sorts of places, but they look lovely, so all to the good.

We had lunch in the garden on Sunday too which felt very springlike.

Sadly it has gone colder and wetter now, just in time for Easter.


oreneta said...

Good lord the rockery is stunning! The weather here has gone all poopy too...howling wind and rain...we turned the heat on even. I know that sounds pathetic up there, but turning the heat on in SPAIN in APRIL!!!

Good lord!

Helen said...

I still have it on here, but I fondly imagine Spain as warm at this time of year!!