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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Moving at work

We got flooded last September in our office at work. Since then we had one month in a very small room in Barry library, not recieving any of our deliveries because we had nowhere to put them. Then they found a place for us in a big room in a day centre which Social Services weren't using and we have been there since October.

However we are moving back to Printmet on 17th April. We have had the building altered and tarted up so we are quite excited about going back. We have been there since 1996 and in all that time we have not had a kitchen sink or a proper hot water tap, we have been using the small sink in the loo to wash our dishes with a small water heater designed to wash your hands only. In the new revamped building, we are getting a kitchen unit with proper taps and a proper sink! We are very excited.

We are also getting new furniture because the old stuff got soaked and was standing in water for 3 days till the waters went down, so was warped,plus the water was contaminated so not nice anyway. The furniture is arriving tomorrow, so we are excited about that too.

Sadly it takes very little to get a bunch of library staff excited.

We were not excited by news of our pay offer for this year. 0.5%.

MPs have given themselves 2.33% and they offer all Local Government staff 0.5. We are waiting with great cynicism for the Councillors to award themselves 2% or more, as they usually do. Pigs in the trough - all politicians should read Animal Farm every month.


Kate said...

Bastards - between that and claiming on expenses for 'adult movies' it's a joke. I fail to see how it is much different to nobles lining their own pockets in medieval times. Gits, gits, gits.


oreneta said...

Politicians everywhere, they seem to all be disgusting. Are you getting your new chair yet?

Gits is a great word, I'll have to remember to use it one of these days.