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Monday, April 27, 2009

Lovely Saturday

Having had a depressing post last time , we had a great day on Saturday. Adam and I met Kate in Cardiff and went shopping. We got a suit for Adam to wear to the two family weddings this year, plus a lovely shirt, tie and new shoes

Then he went off and we went looking for an outfit for me for the May wedding, and having tried on lots of different things I have got a lovely skirt and cardigan which is something quite different from my normal choices and I love it. Kate has decided she should have been a personal shopper as a career.

Then we went to look at more wedding dresses, and saw some really lovely ones. Having tried on lots of dresses there were 4 which were front runners and all very different, so how she is going to decide I have no idea.

Lovely day.


oreneta said...

Woo, you are a brave soul, that is exactly the kind of shopping I dislike most. As for the gloom. I had that conversation with Eldest this morning. It is sad talking to a kid that comments about how utterly dreary the future looks.


Glad you got some nice clothes, we do have to keep our chins up.

Boo and Trev said...

I'm impressed you got something for Nov that was on sale now. The shops can be so seasonal. All very exciting!

Helen said...

what I got was for May, not Nov. I won't look for something for Kate's wedding till the autumn.