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Monday, March 30, 2009

Creaking gate

I am doing rather well on the NHS recently. I am going to see the physio in the hospital about my knee on Wednesday, then to the dentist for a check up on Thursday. In addition to that I have an application in through Access to Work to get a good chair for work.

I have had back problems for years, sacro-iliac problems and have been seeing a variety of chiropracters, osteopaths before finally settling for physiotherapy. There is a private, but very reasonably priced, physio service in Llantwit, and doing the exercises plus Pilates have definitely helped. However I got new chair at work last year sometime which gave me sciatica! I went back to the old chair and recently asked my boss for a new, good-for-the-back chair.

The first step was a consult with the occupational health dept, and the chap who came over set up the application for Access to Work. This is a fund which provides special equipment for people to either stay in work, or get back to work. He wasn't sure I would qualify as I am in work, and trying to stay that way, however I have been accepted by them.

The assessor is coming over on Wednesday and will do a full ergonomic survey of me and my workplace, and then make a report and recommendations. I hope he recommends a new chair, because they will provide a rolls royce chair which should - I hope - really help with the sciatica and the back. The occ health guy did say that a new chair will be provided anyway, but I will get a better one if I can get extra funding through Access to Work. Fingers crossed.

It is encouraging though.

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oreneta said...

Comfy chairs are definitely good, hope you get one!