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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fresh eggs for dinner

I have lovely very fresh eggs for my dinner. One hen egg (it might be a bantam judging by the size) and one duck. The advantages of Nic having friends who keep chickens - thank you Chloe.

You can tell how fresh they are because the whites are much more solid, and don't run across the pan when you crack them.

They were delicious, really, really tasty. I pity you all for not having had them for dinner.

Now I am having some nuts and raisins, and I also had some dates.

Also it is spring and the really nice fruit season will be starting soon.

When I was younger I loved Autumn the best of the seasons, in the teenage melancholy way, but now I am older it is Spring which is the best for me. I love the tiny snowdrops pushing through in the winter, sometimes in the snow. The lambs being born in the cold of February, again sometimes in the snow, then the daffodils which are all over the place in Wales. When we went abroad in March with the Choir one of the things I loved was coming back into Wales in the coach because when you come over the bridge out of England and into Wales the banks on the motorway are covered with daffodils, and there are more in the fields, in gardens, everywhere. The after that come the crocuses, the purple and the yellow ones, and then we head on into summer when all the flowers come out and it is colour everywhere. I love it.

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oreneta said...

Had fresh eggs for lunch...mmmmmmm