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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sore knee

I tripped and fell early in December and my knee was very sore for some time afterwards, so in January I went to the Doctor. She sent me for an xray but there was no bone chipped, so sent me to the physio. I got the appointment, and thought I would go even though it only hurts now when I actually kneel on it.

Just as well really because while the physio was moving the knee around he found one position that REALLY hurt. Under the patella there is some inflammation which clearly is taking a long time to subside, so he tried taping it(though that fell off before I got home - very nonsticky tape), but has given me some exercises and I have another appointment in April.

So it is just as well I went really. He has also told me to rest it, so I will do that, do my exercises and see if it is better in April. You really wouldn't think that a trip and a fall, which only seemed to wind me a bit at the time, and the worst part was that I had got my front muddy before going into a meeting, would keep being a problem months later.



Boo and Trev said...

Do you know I misread that and thought you said the physio was tapping it and then it fell off. It was a very dramatic story indeed.
Knees are tricky things - hard to rest them really. Hope it gets better soon

oreneta said...

It is odd, and usually most undignified when we really get hurt...nine times out of ten we are doing something mundane and stupid....

Helen said...

I'm glad to say my knee hasn't fallen off, and although it is a nuisance, it isn't painful, so I'm not really complaining.