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Monday, March 23, 2009

The sun has got his hat on

The sun was out again this weekend, and brought lots of people with it. Down at the beach people were walking, playing, windsurfing, and generally making the most of it. The wind was a bit chilly but otherwise you could have thought it was July not March.

Just as well, because the rain is back today, the heating needs to be turned back up, and I was cold at work, so needed an extra layer on. Ho hum.
However here is one of the many palm trees which seem to flourish in Llantwit, which always surprises me, because the temperature is far from tropical.

The good news is that I have passed my first indexing exam. I wasn't actually in a great deal of doubt about passing this one as most of it was stuff I did studying for librarianship. However the feedback they sent back was quite detailed, and I will go through the paper I sent in as they suggested. However it is stage 1, and I will send off for the next one now.

Sunday was Mother's day, and I was sent a blouse by Kate which is lovely. Sunday morning I came down to breakfast to discover a big bouquet of flowers, a scented candle and a card from Adam, and he had also put out a bowl, a spoon and my usual breakfast cereal waiting for me which was very nice indeed. Child no 3 - who was at work on Sunday - has yet to produce a card .... so I am waiting with baited breath.


oreneta said...

As long as you're not holding your breathe....

Helen said...

I got the card and a Marks & Spencer voucher - goody goody