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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Busy week at work

This week has been very busy at work. Monday we had our first inset day. All the libraries in the County were closed and we all met up at Barry Library - 85 members of staff - for a day. Part of the point of the day was to enable staff to meet each other Most library staff work only in their own branch library, or possibly help out on relief at a neighbour branch. The staff from opposite ends of the County don't tend to meet up, so it was good to meet people who you only ever talk to on the phone, or hear about from others. We were allocated to different groups so that people did mix, and it was a really good day from that point of view. The actual training was a bit too simple and most of us already knew it all, but the day was good, and we are hoping to do it again.

Today I spent all day doing computer training. Our main book supplier is changing as of 1 April, so we had a day learning about the new website, so that we will all be able to use it when we change. This was the opposite to Monday in that there were only 20 of us and I didn't actually get to meet all the people there. However the training itself was very good, well paced and very informative, which was good as we will need to use the website soon. Also the computer link behaved well and didn't crash once which made things much easier for everyone.

Tomorrow morning I have a guy coming to make sure a particular piece of software is working properly in the morning and a meeting in the afternoon. Tuesday afternoon I was off having my knee looked at, and yesterday afternoon I was off with daughter and future son in law at the venue for their wedding in November.

All this means that I feel as though I have done hardly any work this week. Most of the week has been work - apart from the 2 afternoons - but it feels as though chunks haven't been 'real work' Why is that do you suppose? Is there a sort of puritanical feeling that unless I am at the desk and in front of the computer I'm not really working? It is odd and I have never quite fathomed it out.

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