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Friday, March 20, 2009


It is bizarre how ageist the world of classical music is. Competitions for compositions are so frequently age defined, "for the under 30s" or similar restrictions. Why? Is there a presumption that one becomes less able to write well as one gets older? Their own history should tell them otherwise as there are numerous composers who wrote fantastic work during their old age, sometimes revolutionary work, so why? There are areas of performance when age is a hindrance - dance and sport are obvious examples, but other art forms are not limited by age In literature you don't find the same thing, because - unless for kids - the age is not important. You get competitions for crime writing, women's writing, sf etc, but age isn't one of the criteria. Why should it be?

Yet when Brian is looking for competitions to submit pieces to they are frequently limited like that. I find it very odd.


oreneta said...

That does seem quite bizarre....I wonder what the reason is. Have you or he ever asked/called them on it?

Helen said...

No, all the organisations seem to do it like that.