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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Llantwit Major

I live in an old town. There was a Roman villa outside the town, but the history, and the name, come from the Celtic Saint Illtyd. In 400 something he set up a University in my town, one of the first in northern Europe, and people came a long way to study here. St David was a student here, and St Patrick was supposed to have been before he went to Ireland, as well as many other Celtic saints whose names are only known in Wales nowadays. The church was wood and nothing of it now survives, but there are Celtic crosses in the church which date back to pre 1000 AD.

Here are 2 of the crosses , and below is some of the writing on the cross on the right, though I don't know what it says.This is a little mouse carved above the door into the church which I think is lovely, and he would have been really brightly coloured when he was new.
This is the memorial cross in the centre of the old part of the town. It has pubs on 3 sides of it, and the road leads down to the church, while the town hall is on the left. The pub behind me when I took the photo was the mint in 1300s, and the local coins were minted here.
This is the town hall, and the hall is up the stairs on the first floor. Until about 30 years ago bodies were kept in a room underneath before burial, and the lane to the left of the town hall is called Burial Lane.
However we aren't all ancient, and here are some of the modern shops. We have 2 supermarkets (small ones) , 2 chemists, and most of the things you need for daily living are available locally.
Today was a beautiful spring day, the daffodils were in flower all over the town, the sun was shining and I just thought I would take the time to appreciate the place where I live. I am lucky to live here in a small enough town to be friendly, but large enough to have what you need. It is a town with an interesting past, and a pleasant present, and I like it.


oreneta said...

I love the tiny animals, and the photo in your header is amazing!

Helen said...

They are lovely aren't they. They are carved into the wood above the door in the church. I'll put the toad in as well.