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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Staying at home

We tried to go to Pembrokeshire on Friday so we packed up and set off after lunch. We got over half way, past Carmarthen, when we met a blizzard - a small blizzard, but it was still very snowy, so after a bit of whittering we decided to turn round and come back home. The main reason was that we didn't really want to get stuck down there. But the journey back took over twice as long as it should as we were on one lane only, and very sensibly, everyone was driving slowly.

So yesterday we went into the National Museum in Cardiff to look at a Rembrandt painting and some of his etchings in a small exhibition they had on. The painting is a portrait which you can see here and has all the wonderful detail of light and shade, depth and reality which you expect from him. They also have an exhibition of Gwen John and Rodin with some glorious bronzes there, though the one I would have taken home (given a choice) would actually have been a little Degas bronze rather than the Rondin's. One of our new year resolutions is to go there regularly. They have great things there and we just don't go often. Partly that is because years ago you had to pay to get in, so we only went on special occasions, and are therefore not in the habit. There were loads of families and kids there too, partly because they have a Lauren Child exhibition on as well, which we didn't get to see. It was a good afternoon.

Today is the last day of the holidays, and it is back to work tomorrow. I have successfully not thought about work much over the 11 days I have had off over Christmas, but the new computer system will be all systems go from next week on.


Boo and Trev said...

Your not having much luck with trips away because of the snow. I must say listening to the traffic reports we are glad we are no longer having to get Erin to York this weekend

oreneta said...

It is one of the things we are very conscious of trying to do here as there is so very much going on.....does take a conscious effort though doesn't it. I adore Rembrandt. Glad you got a chance to see him. It was a treat in Amsterdam last year to go and see so many of the great ones all together.