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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Back into the office

I made it back into the office today, which was a good thing. It wasn't as cold today because the wind had dropped a lot. The pavements were very icy though which is making the A&E departments expect lots of people with broken bones I gather.

It is a bit odd still though. I was setting up a meeting today which should have taken place yesterday, and we cancelled that. One of the people is coming from Bristol so hopefully we will be able to have it tomorrow, but we are phoning at 9 to confirm that the transport will work. We were thinking about having the meeting on Monday, but there is more snow forecast over the weekend so we thought we had better get it in before then if we can.

The Christmas present for my middle brother's family has been a big hamper of lovely foods which I send to my brother and they divide up on Christmas day. However because we didn't get to my sister's house to deliver it, it is still sitting in my house. So tonight I am going to divide it up into smaller postable parcels and get them sent off. Otherwise it may be Easter before they get them!


oreneta said...

I have a similar issue. The CD you lent me, I had planned to send back with your eldest brother as I keep hearing rumours of the British post going on strike. Now however they haven't been able to make it as expected, so have backed up their visit till mid-Feb, so I too will be mailing that off to you this week. Hope the post doesn't strike.

Glad you made it to work.

My delightful boss went in yesterday and CRANKED the heat right up so it was quite comfy at work today.


Helen said...

Postal strikes aren't a problem but the snow creating delays is. Glad you're warm in work.