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Sunday, January 31, 2010

What to read?

I have finished Dewey the library cat, which was entertaining, especially if you are a librarian. I have a long list of books to read,but am not sure which one to go for. I have a Sebastian Faulks which would be good I expect, though requires a few brain cells. I have the Figes Russian revolution book which I am halfway through, and that definitely needs both brain cells and strong muscles because it is a big fat book.

I have lots of other books lying round the house waiting to be read, but as I have few brain cells which are not devoted to thinking about library management systems at the moment I think I will read the new Janet Evanovitch and enjoy myself in the light but entertaining company of Stephanie Plum.

I am watching a tv programme which is looking at Lindisfarne Island, which we visited last summer. The weather is nicer than the day we were there, but I always find it odd looking at places you know on tv. It is the same but looks somewhat different. Years ago there was a terrible series on Welsh tv which was mostly filmed in my town, so we used to record it, speed through all the indoor bits, and watch the outdoor bits to identify places we knew. One of the charming things about watching Doctor Who and Torchwood is identifying places used for filming, One episode had a significant scene supposedly in Bad Wolf bay in Norway, and everyone from round here went 'no it isn't, it's Southerndown beach'. It adds a certain something.


oreneta said...

There is something strategic about deciding what book to read next. I have read a number of stunningly beautiful books, but all a little on the heavy side. That isn't what I want to say. They were beautiful. Privilege to read them. Sorry when they ended, but not funny. Not happy, not cheery.

I am also re-reading 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' again, in Catalan, again.

When it came time to chose? DISCWORLD!!! Moving Pictures to be specific. I laughed out loud three times in the first two pages. Nice bit of balance there.

Thank you so much for getting us onto them!

Helen said...

Delighted to be of service!