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Monday, January 4, 2010

Cold, colds and work

Back to work today. It was cold in the office because we have problems with the water pressure in the building so turn the heating down when we are away for longer than overnight, and in the general return to work we didn't actually remember to turn it back up till about 10.30. We were saying how cold it was, and putting extra layers on, but after we turned the temp up it did get warmer.

Pam had a cold before Xmas which she gave to me, and I gave to Kate and then Brian. Dene has a different and nastier cold and is coughing a lot today. Bugs and more bugs going round and round. Ugh.

One of the mobile libraries is having problems with its heaters - ie they aren't working, which is a real handicap for the drivers.

The forecast is more snow and still cold. Oh dear oh dear.

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oreneta said...

Yuck. Yucketty yucketty yuck yuck.....