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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jill a dull girl

The new library management system is due to go live on 8 March. This is a short lead in time to do everything, so I am working overtime (from choice, but it is the only possible way to fit it in). So yesterday I did 4 hours and today (Sunday) I have done 3. It was very productive because as I am the only person in the office there are no distractions, no one phones up, no one emails, no one to talk to and I got a lot done.

I can see that I will be doing this for the next few weeks, which means doing other things are a bit off the calendar for a bit.

On the plus side is the payment for working overtime. We don't usually have overtime offered, so it is a bit of a luxury.

However as I went shopping and bought some clothes yesterday after work I think I have already spent this weekend's money. Losing weight is wonderful, but I do have to keep shopping for new clothes. It is tough but I just have to cope.


oreneta said...

It'll make your break in BCN seem even sweeter, no?

katemcnabb said...

Yeah it's a tough life having to shop AND get thinner, sheesh, don't know how you're managing to deal with it all :)

Glad you're getting paid for your overtime!


Helen said...

I know. I am really looking forward to Barcelona! I will be over all the worst part and be really ready for a holiday.

And life is tough, though I must admit I have hit the biscuits more than I should have recently.