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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Llantwit in snow

This is Saffy during our walk before work this morning. It was, as you can see, snowy this morning. Saffy loved it.
This is the street outside the house.
And this was a tree in the park in the morning. So pretty.

It looks lovely, but in a country as ill prepared for it as we are it does create chaos.

I was going to go to work in Barry, about 13 miles away, but it started snowing again so I decided to not drive. That means going to Llantwit library. Our snow instructions are to go to our nearest library when we can't get to our place of work. As well as me there were 3 other people who should have been elsewhere who turned up to Llantwit, however some of the other people who should have been in Llantwit were elsewhere. Overall it evened out, and all but 1 small branch library opened and was staffed, so that was ok. The mobile libraries didn't go out though as they drive round the small lanes and those were not at all passable unless you were in a 4x4 or a tractor.

Tomorrow I do hope to get to my office because I have loads of work to do and I can't do it from Llantwit library.

Fingers crossed.


oreneta said...

So what did you do? Normal day to day library stuff like checking out books and bringing them in again?

Mom and Dad were supposed to fly in today. Didn't make it. Hopefully tomorrow.

It is pretty.

Helen said...

We weeded the shelves, taking off and withdrawing old, tatty or underused books. Useful, but dull when done all day!

Hope the parents find you today! Give them my love