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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Better day

Today was much better than yesterday I am glad to say. Much less stressful.
I am being taken away on holiday by Brian in September. He wants to go to the Scilly Isles and is taking me too (ie he is paying!!) This is to celebrate the (trumpets, drums etc)... Retirement.. (imagine waving flags)There may be balloons.....There will certainly be drinks!

Because Brian is a teacher we have never had a holiday in September, but always in June and July (his holiday months). June and July are very nice months to have holidays, but it will be very exciting to have a holiday in September.

So we will be going to the Scilly Isles for a week in September. We have booked the ferry. We have booked the flat, and the B&B, and (for me) the holidays from work.


oreneta said...

Well, that would make anyone's day better! WOOT!

On that note, I was hoping that maybe eldest and I could come out the weekend after you visit us to see the school where Brian works. If that weekend is terrible, or the school is closed we could come another time, but we will all be in the UK at that point, so it might be handy. Let me know what you think. It'd be just one night.


fsm said...

What a scilly entry (sorry, couldn't resist). Are you going by helicopter? I think I may have seen those balloons on another occasion!

Helen said...

Please do come and stay! We'd love to have you here. That's the Easter weekend - how long do you want to stay?

No, we're taking the boat. The helicopter is the price of a week's holiday all by itself! Fingers crossed for fair weather. There are not that many balloon pics in my computer,so I have recycled them