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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More snow (again)

We had rain yesterday and the rain washed away the remains of the snow The it snowed again. We got about 4 inches. It looked lovely but...

Actually we got off lightly because we live by the sea, when you go further up the valleys and gain height they have feet of snow and are stuck again.

I got into work alright, and actually got in quicker today than the previous two days because there was less traffic.

Nic and I spent hours last night on ebay looking for saddles It sounds straightforward but, like most particular sports and activities, it is never that simple. They come in different sizes, measured by length of back and by width eg 16 inch medium fit. Then there are general purpose, jumping, dressage, showing, western saddles. The have different sorts of trees, or half trees, or no trees, they are leather, (different colours, different types), synthetic or a combination . There are different colours, different makers, different qualities, and - of course - different prices. It was very educational and I know lots more about saddles than I did yesterday. We did find one, which is an old Argentinian jumping saddle which we did buy. Old leather which has been well looked after is often much better than buying something new because it becomes supple and soft. Nic used to work for one of the top show riders in the UK and all his tack he had had for year and years. It was well cared for, mended when necessary and had been going for his entire career - some things about40 years. Amazing.

I saw 2 lapwings on the grass at St Donats on Sunday - just hopping around like a thrush. I've never seen one close up, and there were 2.

I am watching a programme about how the wildlife are managing with this weather, and in many cases that is not very well. Sad.

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oreneta said...

Sorry about the snow. Talked to Mom today too and she was saying it was coming down there as well.....