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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holidays are good

I am off work this week and having a lovely idle time. Sadly B now has the cold, as does Kate, which as tomorrow is B's 60th birthday is very unfortunate.

We went out for a meal with all B's kids last night to celebrate his birthday, and he got his presents from them last night. They bought a set of 3 paintings by a Pembrokeshire artist which you can see here, so it worked out at one picture each. He was absolutely thrilled with them. His actual birthday is 31 December, so I will give him his present from me then, but it isn't as exciting, though I think he will like it anyway. It is great that his kids put so much thought and effort into his present, and I like it that his best present is from them anyway.

we had a really good meal too.

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oreneta said...

Holidays are the best.....love them. So sorry that B has a cold when his birthday comes up and Kate...she should take some decongestants for the flight, landing hurts more if you have a head cold....

Happy Birthday to Brian!

Happy New Year to you all.