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Monday, December 7, 2009

Bad car day

Last week didn't improve a lot on Friday. I got a phone call from Ad at 7am to say he had crashed his car on the way to work. However, fortunately, he is absolutely fine, though the car is probably a write off. He skidded on a main road on black ice, and the car is a sad looking thing now. We should hear tomorrow whether they are going to write it off, and then we have to go get another one as he needs it to get to work. For this week he is staying with his dad in Cardiff, though Mike will have to get up early as there are no buses early enough.

Nicky took her car through a deep puddle (small pond) and it has since died. The garage suggested that she claim for it because the engine could be very expensive to mend, so she has done that and both cars are in the same garage in Bridgend waiting for different insurance companies to assess tthem.


However no people were damaged so that is the important thing


oreneta said...

good lord what a time. Though NIkki wanted a bigger beast anyway, so if she gets the $$$$ for it, it might end up OK in the end....too bad about A's car.

Boo and Trev said...

I'm glad they're both OK. Blooming cars~!