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Monday, December 21, 2009

100th Post

This is my 100th post. My new year resolution to keep a blog for the year has lasted well I think.

We had snow last night. I woke up and saw the white garden with some surprise as I thought it had been raining.

We found a train for Adam to take to work, which got him to work only about 10 minutes late, so he will use that again in bad weather I think. He starts work so early (7am) that the roads are dangerous. However as he seems to have a tummy bug this evening i don't think he will be going to work at all anyway.

I hate this sort of weather. We aren't equipped for it as a country and it makes me really worry about everyone because of the dangers of driving. fret, fret.


oreneta said...

Spain grinds to a pathetic and hopeless halt when it rains. I cannot imagine what they would do with a sprinkling of snow......

Helen said...

We're pretty good at rain most of the time as we have had lots of practice. Snow though......