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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cars again

Both cars are now in the same garage in Bridgend waiting for the insurance companies to make decisions. When Nic spoke to them yesterday they said 'I think we have your brother's car here too' It doesn't look like we have a very good record of looking after cars does it?

If they both get written off then I will be spending most of next weekend looking at cars instead of doing Xmas things as planned

Ho Hum.

Still come what may I will be putting up our tree and the decorations next weekend.

Tonight I need to write Xmas cards which I am late doing. Oh dear.

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oreneta said...

It occurred to me while I was walking the dog this morning, that maybe Ni doesn't realise that you can get, hmm not sure of the official name, but essentially snorkles for cars. The air intake is, naturally, down in the engine, and apparently rather low, so you can get a tube fitted with an intake up near the rear view window so that if you do have to drive through deep water, it doesn't kill the car. There is a car here that has it, which is what made me think of it. If I see it again I will get a photo....

Wish I'd thought of this earlier.