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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oops - too much cake

Today is St David's day so one of my colleagues brought in welsh cakes.

Another colleague brought in cup cakes because she has been making cakes for an event which is happening at St Athan library tomorrow, and these were the rejects.  As Christine makes wonderful cakes, her rejects were a lot better than lots of peoples best ones.

 So I ate cake. 

Happy St David's day.

I do like the BBC year of the book.

I am watching My Life in Books  most nights, and am fascinated by the selections which people make for the 5 books they get to chose on the programme.  It is also great having a prime time tv programme, admittedly on BBC2, which is people being passionate about books.  I love it.

One of my colleages is doing the World Book Day give away on Saturday.  She chose 'The Spy who came in from the Cold'.  Very amusingly she has a meeting with her naturist society on Saturday, so is going to give them away to people who must frequently feel the need to come in from the cold. 

We have a South East libraries quiz on Saturday.  We came a respectable second last year, which is the best thing because you do well, but don't have to host the next quiz.  We need to try to come second again on Saturday. 

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oreneta said...

Books and cake! What a lovely combination for a post. I could have done with a cupcake reject or two today...and I'm going to have to look up World Book Day as it doesn't seem to have made it to Spain.