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Monday, March 21, 2011


Last week we had a short holiday in Cordoba.  We wanted to see the Mezquita and wanted some warm sun in March so Cordoba was the place.  We did ponder about whether or not to try to see Seville as well, but decided to have a more leisurely holiday than a frantic one and I am very glad we did.

We caught the train from Llantwit to get the plane from Cardiff airport which was so easy!  The travelling went fine, though finding the actual hotel when we got to Cordoba was a bit of a challenge as it is narrow lanes, one way streets and not car friendly at all.  The flat we had rented was fine and brilliantly positioned, though it had the worst equipped kitchen ever and it took them 2 days to find us a corkscrew.  We saw the Mezquita which cannot be done justice with photos because it is so huge, and so varied.  The history of the city is fascinating because I don't know much about the history of the Arabic empires.  It was lovely to see a very different architecure from that in northern Europe.  We also saw the Alcazar, went out to see Madinat al Zahra (a ruined city just outside Cordoba), the Jewish area and a beautiful little synagogue.  Here are a few pics

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