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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nearly holiday time

I will be in Spain this time next week.

I am hoping it will be warm, though the forcast for Cordoba is rainy for tomorrow, so I  hope that gets it out of its system. 

It is only a 5 day break but I am getting very excited about it. 
I was packing at the weekend and resisting the urge to put jumpers in.  Last year we went to Barcelona and I didn't take sandals or light clothes and I was way too hot.  So I have packed sandals and light clothes. 

I have lost my EHIC card somehow, though where it is is anyone's guess, so I have phoned  up to order a new one, and they helpfully also gave me an emergency phone number to use if it hadn't come through before I left.  Hopefully I won't need it!

I was very organised last week and plotted out things to do in my diary at work for this week. 

Have I done any of them?

No.  Instead I discovered that I had a huge chunk of money to spend which noone had told me about, and of course it has to be invoiced by the end of March.  Spending other people's money is hard work.


oreneta said...

Cordoba is so lovely, you should have a wonderful time! Mmmmm.

oreneta said...

Who is going this year? You and Brian? Some kids?

Helen said...

It is Brian and me going this time.