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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I love the internet

My car is making funny noises.

I took it to the garage and they said that it was the gearbox.


It is only 6 years old.  It has only done 58,000 miles.  The gearbox is not something that should go in a modern car.

That - I realised after the shock had passed - was going to be very expensive.  My car is only worth about £2500, so spending £1000  on a new gearbox made no sense.  So I thought that if it was going to be that expensive I would need to think about changing the car instead.  That wasn't something I wanted to do either. 

Then I looked up gearbox problems with Honda Jazz and found a site which said that it was a recognised fault and that if you met certain criteria then Honda would replace the gearbox under an extended warranty.   I am taking the car to be looked at on Friday and I have my fingers firmly crossed that they say they will fix it.  I love the internet for finding me this.

Honda don't advertise this though.  Some of the entries on the internet had people who had to fight to get their car fixed so .... watch this space.

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oreneta said...

I too love the internet.....wonderful place.