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Friday, March 11, 2011


See the effects of the earthquake in Japan, and the fighting in Libya does put things into perspective.  The kitchen floor isn't really very significant. 

Having said that,  I find the prospect of Cameron saying we have to go and help Libyans when he is in the process of making life hellish for so many Brits.  He can't afford to give support to live to the disabled in the UK but he can help India (not a struggling economy). 

There is another legal challenge being made against  library cuts.  There are now 4 that I know of, so there are probably lots more, which is encouraging.

I found it amusing that they decided not to mothball 2 spyplanes just yet.  They were due out of service at the end of March but have been kept going till June because we want to see what is happening in Libya.  If they are the only planes that we have that can do so, shouldn't they be kept after June too?

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