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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Busy, busy

I had a meeting in Port Talbot on Friday, and got out of it about 2.30.  I decided not to go back to the office but to take the time as flex and finish early, so phoned the office to say so.  A text message came up on my phone from one of the members of Bookclub.  It was Chris apologising for not being able to come that night as she was unwell.

That night?????

I was  hosting it and I thought it was next Friday, not that Friday. I phoned Margy to check, then headed to Sainsbury's to get some food in!

It was a bit flung together, but it was fine and we had a good evening.  Just as well Chris sent the message because it would have been beans on toast otherwise.

Yesterday I attacked the garden and got the pruning done, though a few things were already in bud so fingers crossed they recover.  Some things I have left to see if they come back to life after the cold winter.  It was a pleasant day in the garden.

There was an interlibraries quiz for world book day in Caerphilly which I went to and which was fun except for the fact the heating was off in the hall and it was more than a bit chilly.  I warmed up nicely in Debbie's car coming home, then discovered I had been locked out and had to wait in the garage for Adam to get back from Bridgend where he was dropping Nic off.  I was   NOT amused.

I have The Mikado on tv at the moment. It was the first G&S operetta I ever sang when I went to college and I have worked out that it was 39 years ago.  Good lord.  I can still sing most of it though, probably better than some of the things I have learnt more recently.  certainly better than the Bach I am supposed to singing.  It is version which was done by ENO some years ago with Eric Idle playing Koko and which we actually went to see in London, and has survived the transition to tv from stage well, though the did just film the stage production.

I still love G&S.  It gives me a sort of rosy feeling of amusement and enjoyment, as well as lots and lots of memories associated with the ones I have sung in.  They are just such fun.


Boo and Trev said...

I think you've blogged about forgetting book group when it was at your house before and Nic reminded you. Is there some deep seated reason for this?

oreneta said...

THANK you!

The butane ran out again, and the stupid system is refusing to work on just one tank, and I was on here avoiding trying to figure out what to make for dinner.

Beans on toast it is!!!

Though I will heat the beans in the (electric) oven, flavouring them up some, and make a salad too....

What is it they say about necessity and invention? Not sure how to invent a hot shower for tomorrow morning.