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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Eileen Younghusband

Eileen Younghusband is a local author who is getting her second book published in May.  Her first book was published a year ago, and her second one is with a different publisher who are doing much more to promote it.  She will be 90 in July.

She is an astonishing person.  During the war she was in charge of a filter room - which is where they plotted the planes flying to attack, and as little has been written about it, she wrote her biography - her first book.   There was so much interest in the war parts that she has written much more about it in the second book.  She had done it on computer, she has a website, uses email and is more with it than many people 40 years younger than she is.  She is on the radio, will be on local tv next month.

She is also great to talk to.  She brought me round a proof copy of the book today and we had a lovely chat for nearly an hour.  Apart from needing a stick to help her walk she is fit as a fiddle, and looks 20 years younger than her age.  She is inspirational.

We had another local, Cathy Farr, delivering  some books last week.  Younger this time, she is probably  in mid thirties to forties, and has written a teen novel based in a fantasy world, with one of the characters being her Irish wolfhound.  She too is doing well, Waterstones in Cardiff are having a promotion for her in April. 

Both of them have been asked by Barry library to take part in Adult Learners week in May, along with some well known people. 

It is encouraging that people are achieving like this, and achieving at different periods of their lives.  Great stuff.

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