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Monday, February 28, 2011

Exciting weekend

My sister and friend were in the quiz Pointless at the weekend, filming for the next series.

It was great fun. 

We all met up before hand and went to the BBC together, passing the Tardis en route (pausing for the photo opportunity), after a sandwich of astonishing tastelessness.  Seriously, it tasted slightly of tomato, but not at all of chicken, spinach or pesto which were all supposed to be in there too.

We - as friends and family - there were lots of us - queue jumped which was nice, and made us feel important.  We were sitting in the raked bit at the back, so had a good view, at least until the crane camera took up position right in front of us, and blocked our view of Boo completely.  Luckily he started moving round a bit.

The did really well and were in the final 2 in the first episode filmed.  We had paid attention to our instructions and learned to clap, go whooo,  laugh and so on as required to make it exciting viewing.  The warm up guy was very good, and very funny.  After that first episode, our runner chap took all the friends and family of Boo and Jill off out (he shouldn't have and most people went back in) but it did make a BIG space in the audience, and the warm up guy was really funny about us all going.

Unfortunately we had to go then because we had to get back to Wales so we missed them nearly winning!!

It was great fun, and lovely to see so many of the family.  Kate and Erin have a rather alarming twin clothing choice thing going on though.

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oreneta said...

I hadn't noticed their clothing, I'll have to go back and look at the pics again! Sounds like it was lovely fun.