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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Van hunting

We are joining Nicky in a van hunt.  The horse box she has is on an E reg Bedford van which is almost certainly going to fail its MOT next month, so we are hunting for a cab and chassis to put the horse box on to for less than £2000.  Which is proving tricky.

Basically the phrase 'hen's teeth' is the one that comes to mind.

There was one advertised which we missed, unfortunately.  There is one that looks good which is too far away to go for.

A hunting we shall go!!!!

It has been foggy all week - I am getting bored with fog.

I would like to see the sun.

We are going to Cordoba in under 2 weeks!  There will be sun (I hope).  There will be   no work.  Hurray.

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