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Sunday, February 13, 2011


I was in Pembrokeshire and got back this afternoon to discover that I have left the mains cable for my laptop down there! 

Drat and drat again/

I am now doing this on Nicky's laptop and am still having problems with the carriage return on Blogger, so it is clearly not machine specific.  Odd.

We had a nice walk along the coast yesterday, the sea was really choppy but the sun was shining and it felt almost spring like.  B bought some snowdrops to plant so they will be there in the garden next year.  The primroses are starting to come up, but one of them continued blossoming for over 2 years, so they aren't very reliable as a sign of spring.

We saw a LBJ (little Brown Job - small brown bird like lots of other small brown birds) and it sat in the hedge and sang nicely at us, which was very pleasant.  When we got back we narrowed it down to a variety of possible LBJs and then we got out the cd of birdsong which I had given B for Xmas and after we tried a few of them decided it was a dunnock.  We felt very pleased with ourselves.


oreneta said...

I adore the LBJ term....what a delight...I had heard it before, but I am most impressed you could narrow it down to a particular bird by the song.

Boo and Trev said...

Funnily enough, we were serenaded during a walk near home last weekend, and this was also a LBJ, which we identified using the RSPB web site (which has the sounds) and it was also a Dunnock!

Helen said...

What a coincidence! Not that they are rare but still.