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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dog flap but not fitted.

Yesterday Nic bought a dog flap.

But it was the wrong size - there is a hole in the door, and the flap has to fit the existing hole.

So today I went back and bought one that fits. Pets at home are considering charging us rent. The one that fits is £34!! For a dog flap! I am appalled. It is only some bits of plastic after all.

However, once I recovered from the cost I got home and got it out of the packet. They say you need a screwdriver to do up the screws.

But ....

But they don't supply screws, they provide nuts and bolts. The previous one also has nuts and bolts. Tiny weeny nuts that I don't have a spanner small enough for. I phoned B and asked what he did last time, and he suggested using a monkey wrench, but also offered to do it next time he is here. As Saffy is going on Sunday I decided to take him up on his offer.

I am really annoyed that it is both expensive, and really difficult to fit! So irritating.


oreneta said...

A lot of flap for a flippy little flap!

Helen said...

Indeed it is.