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Thursday, February 10, 2011

February is a gloomy month

Eliot thought that April is the cruellest  month.

In my opinion February is the dreariest month.  It is usually wet.  It is still dark.  It is still winter.

The only positive thing is that it is short.

I had fun redesigning the blog yesterday, when I should have been doing other things probably, but never mind. 

There is something odd happening with Blogger because it isn't doing carriage returns.

I am off to Pembrokeshire tomorrow and I hope the weather is not as awful as it has been tonight.  it will be a dismal drive if it is.

I am not actually as gloomy as I sound, just feeling a bit Eeyorish.

Roll on Spring.


oreneta said...

LOVE the post. I had problems with carriage returns on blogger when I was using firefox on a mac. Went away with a different system.

Boo and Trev said...

I quite like February. The nights are drawing out, the bulbs are pushing through and the birds are already full of song. We had snow this time last year!!