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Sunday, February 6, 2011

3rd thing down

So far this year I have replaced the tv in the sitting room.

I have replaced the dog flap (well nearly)

And on Saturday thing 3 went kaput.

The main tv stopped any sort of picture/tuning/anything. As it is at least 10 years old it doesn't owe me much, but its timing is really rubbish!

So today I set off to meet Kate at Caldicot to have a walk, have lunch and for her to take the dog home.

We met.

We walked.

We didn't eat. The castle is shut and the cafe is in the castle. The pub doesn't admit dogs. It is really difficult to go anywhere with a dog these days. The area is pretty though, and we had a nice little walk before Kate set off with Saffy to go home.

I then went to John Lewis and bought a tv. They give a free 5 year warranty, which is really handy to have and their prices are as cheap as any of the other shops, so we now have a new tv in the tv room. As the old one was a huge old beast, this one is really neat by comparison and makes the room look bigger.

It wasn't on the agenda for this month though - thank the lord my car passed its mot without needing anything extra!

My brother in law is setting up as an IT consultant and the link to his website is



oreneta said...

Let's hope that's it for the year! Does the picture on the new tv look different at all? Clearer or anything?

Boo and Trev said...

Bummer. Still you were half thinking of replacing it and the flat screens are fab and take up much less room and you can connect your computer to it.
My unexpected expense is a crown on my tooth which is much less exciting. x

Helen said...

It's an HD tv, so it does look much clearer. The sound is better too I think,