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Monday, August 30, 2010

Cor - that was hard work!

Today is a beautiful Bank Holiday Monday. It should be a pleasant day relaxing.

However ....

One of the chores which has been waiting since last winter is repairing the roof of the garage. Water has been running down the inside wall when it rains heavily, which is not a good thing. Especially as it is leaking down the wall next to the washing machine. So B said he would fix it and today is the day.

Have you any idea how expensive lead is??

The roll of lead flashing is £100. !!!

I am hoping we get something for the lead flashing we have taken off, it must have scrap value otherwise people wouldn't steal it from rooves, so that may offset it a bit.

We have done most of it today. The tiles have been taken off, so have the battens and the felting. He put new membrane on, put insulation in, put the felt and the battens back on and then put the tiles back on. Some of the ridge tiles are so full of cement that we will have to buy some new ones tomorrow and finish them, put on the lead flashing and then we will have a waterproof garage.

Brian is now having a lie down and a rest and deserves it. It was really hot on the roof today. He nearly fell through at one point when he lost his balance which was very scary, but fortunately caught himself on the beam.

Brian is Mr Fixit.

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oreneta said...

Good lord Helen, I just read the last 4 posts...starting to sound a little Job like over there. Hope you have a little vacation coming up some time soon.