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Friday, September 3, 2010

Hooray for the new router

The wireless gave up the ghost completely this week and the ISP have sent me another new router which is now up and running and I am connected while sitting at the laptop again. I hope it will work with my macbook which I am retrieving from the repair shop (where I phoned to tell them not to repair it because it may be the router) tomorrow.


I am hoping that this means September will be better than August. I certainly hope it is cheaper. The heating is now done.

Thank the lord this all happened when Brian was here because I'd have had to take days and days off to meet engineers and builders otherwise.

Brian is now officially retired. It is a bit odd. He got given a blanket as a leaving present. Does anyone else find this an odd present? It is a traditional Welsh blanket but people don't use blankets much these days. No one asked what he might like, it seems everyone is given a blanket. We find it bizarre as a present choice and we have no idea what we are going to do with it.

I had a root dressing on a molar yesterday ,the root cause (!!) of the toothache I have been having and my mouth still tastes of TCP. I propose to drown the taste with some wine because it is Friday. Hooray hooray.

Also I am going to the Scilly Isles on Thursday so I only have 2 more days of work before going away.

I hope the weather we have had this last week comes to the Scillies while we are there.


oreneta said...

The blanket is truly weird, maybe to toss about his shoulders while he rocks disconsolately in his draft pensioner's cottage?

Glad you're getting a vacation soon. Sounds like you could use it.

Boo and Trev said...

Maybe they think every winter will be like last winter and he will need the bblanket in his car for snow drifts. Or they think he'll get a pet and it would be useful for the animal.