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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Winter is a coming in....

The heating got turned off again 2 days ago, and goes on again tonight as it is chilly already and only 6.15. It is on/0ff at this time of year because when the weather changes from summer to winter on almost an hourly basis.

The back is improving, though still a bit stiff, but the end is in sight and I will be back to normal soon. We are thinking of going blackberry picking this weekend - we wanted to last weekend but I was a bit couchbound. The Scilly Isles had more blackberries than anywhere else I have ever seen, but I think we will find enough to put some into the freezer for later in the winter.

B has been building a log store at the cottage so he can now buy logs for the winter, and we can get through the shed (which usually gets full of logs). There is something very pleasant about sitting in front of a fire. The two fires in the cottage are both log burners - we did try an open fire but couldn't get it to draw, and when we got fed up with being smoked like kippers decided on wood burners . Although I deeply appreciate central heating it doesn't have the same hypnotic power as flames - you can't stare at a radiator in the same way.


oreneta said...

Oooh, what a lovely photo of a butterfly!

Hope your back is doing better, I was hoping and praying to not do mine in with the move, but all seems to be well.

We have a fireplace, that we have yet to try...fingers crossed!

Helen said...

It's probably a bit warm there still to need a fire. This is my first really successful butterfly pic - I've been trying for ages but they always close their wings when you get close enough!