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Monday, August 9, 2010

Hot water - hooray

The gas man came!

The problem was with the electrics and he spent a good hour or two finding where it was shorting and sorting it all out. However it was all done by 11.00.

Then we went to look at Nic's horse box. It is old and the exhaust is going. Actually, once Brian had crawled under it, he discovered it has gone. It is so old that you can't just buy a new exhaust for it, so Brian has bought some zinc and we have to go and buy some other bits to fix it till the MOT in March (not very hopeful on that one)

After that we went to the tip to get rid of the fridge and freezer which were surplus to requirements plus some other stuff.

The I sorted out all the stuff from the airing cupboard on the basis that as I had emptied it for the gas man I might as well sort it out. So we now have a bin bag full of old towels etc for the dogs home.

I went to work today for a bit of a rest!


Boo and Trev said...

Hurray. The water board were driving round our road announcing they were turning the water off for emergency repairs. I rushed around filling jugs but as it happened it only lasted half an hour.

oreneta said...

Good lord! Not a dull moment in your neck of the woods. While I am sorry you've had to pay them for so much work, at least he didn't just flick a switch, which makes me feel both dumb and ripped off for paying for it.