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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bath time for Saffy

Although we are having to use the immersion heater to get hot water to have showers etc, the same is not true for the dog.

When we first got her we tried the warm water in the sink type bath but she is a bit too big, and a lot to agile. So we did the hose in the garden bath instead.

She is visiting us for 2 weeks while Kate and Carl go off to Italy on holiday (nice!), and last night I decided she was too smelly to share the couch with. She was very put out by this, but as I had done my ironing and it was on the couch too I didn't really want smelly dog next to it.

So this evening when I got home she had her bath.



Someone call the RSPCA!

However she is now nice and clean and dry, smelling pleasantly of Herbal Essences instead of dog. She had a jumbone as compensation, so she is reconciled now.

Life is tough when you are a dog.


oreneta said...

Poor Saf, she'll survive I supose, no? Nice to be off to Italy and not dealing with British Gas and the immersion heater.

katemcnabb said...

Awwww my poor puppy!! Glad she's all nice and clean, hope she's having a lovely holiday with you all. Sorry to hear about the travails with the gas/heating :(