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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Electrics continued

I bought the wrong replacement switch. The one I should have got (and now have got) was £2.50. The wrong one was £15. I wonder if Focus will take it back????

I had an early start today. Nic was in the Vale of Glamorgan show - the first class and the last class. So to get there in time she got up at 4am, but to get there to take pictures I got up at 6.15. Sadly the judge in the Race Horse to Riding Horse didn't like young horses because he put a rubbish horse who was 15 above Five. Even I could see that the older horse needed a lot of work to make him anything like as good as Five. As we came out a group of people said it was a disgrace because he should have been in the top three. That was nice of them, because they weren't prejudiced in our favour.

I then went to work, and went back to the show late afternoon. Nic and Five were in the Hunt Scurry. This is a race over a twin course, with teams of 4 horses as a relay race. 2 teams go, then another 2, and then the winning 2 go against each other etc. It is always good fun, though annoyingly Five refused a fence and the Vale Hunt came last - oops.

They were lucky with the weather as it has been a beautiful sunny day, a bit windy, but lovely. Which, as it has been raining heavily for the last week, was very very lucky,.

A good day.

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Boo and Trev said...

There were confusing amount of numbers in that blog entry!
Of course Focus will take it back. All the other DIY places take things back if you've over ordered when you're decorating so I don't think this will be different