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Sunday, August 8, 2010

No hot water

I came down yesterday morning to find a note from Adam saying 'no hot water'.

Our boiler has been cranky and not always turned itself on by itself when it should, but the new controller which was fitted 6 months or so seemed to have solved that problem. However I went upstairs assuming that was it, and switching the thermostat on the boiler would trip it into action.


There were no lights on the controller at all.

It is a deceased controller.

No hot water in the forseeable future then! Thinking of no shower and no hair wash, this was dismaying. However, phoned British Gas to get them to come and fix it and they said they would come in the afternoon.

The boiler is in the airing cupboard, which is fine, except when you need the gas man to look at it, when you then have to empty the airing cupboard for him.

I did a quick tidy of Nic's room, which hasn't yet got untidy from the major overhaul she gave it before she went on holiday, and put everything from the airing cupboard onto her bed because that is where the door to the airing cupboard is.

During this Brian had a good look and found the plug for the immersion heater ( I wasn't sure if we had one or not) and plugged it in.

Hurray for shower and hair wash.

However the gas man didn't come yesterday afternoon, and the phone call I got said he would come first thing this morning , hence I have been up and dressed since 8.00 waiting for him (hasn't come yet at 8.45).

But there is something a bit strange with the electrics for the immersion heater because when we plugged it in again last night so Nic could get a hot shower it blew the trip switch. Task for Brian today - look at immersion heater. Also she couldn't get at her bed so had to sleep in the spare room.

The unexpected keeps you on your toes doesn't it?


Boo and Trev said...

Annoying. I hate waiting in for workmen. You get to the stage where you daren't go to the loo incase they arrive.
You are clearly going through an electrical crisis phase at the moment

oreneta said...

What on earth is an immersion heater, sounds most dangerous...I have visions of the inside of a kettle in a big fat tub.....

My favourite ever was when the phone company in Poland called J in July or something to let her know that she wouldn't be getting her phone that year, maybe the next one. Nothing like a nice tight service window!

Hope he's shown up, or does soon.

Helen said...

Basically it is just that. It is a tank with a big kettle element in it. It is a way to heat the water without a boi.ler