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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another plumbing problem

Hopefully this is the third and final one.

The fourth gas man found a miswired plug which has now been fixed and the heating is working. Hurray. However we are going ahead with the flushing out of the system as the chemicals are already in there and it will make the system run better when it is all done.

However yesterday B phoned to say that there was a leak under the bathroom sink which had made a lovely mess on the kitchen ceiling. Great! We are insured for plumbing problems so the plumber arrived and sorted out the leak in the afternoon. Looking at the ceiling though we decided we would have to claim on the household insurance to get it fixed as it is beyond a touch of paint to cure. Another £100 bites the dust for the excess.

I got my laptop back this afternoon and although it had been working fine for them, it isn't working at home. I could spit!!!! They replaced the keyboard though because it has a recognised fault so it looks lovely. I shall have to phone them up tomorrow to ask.

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